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Challenger panels are fine

Thank you Reuben, for setting the record straight on this widespread misconception. I hear of so many inspectors calling these panels out as a hazard and there is no evidence to back them up. This misconception has somehow taken hold in the inspector community. They even go so far as to falsely state that Challenger panels have been recalled. This is NOT TRUE. Challenger voluntarily recalled type HAGF-15 and type HAGF-20 circuit breakers that were manufactured between February 22, 1988 and April 29, 1988. That's it, that is the Challenger issue. The panels are not a hazard, the panels were never recalled. If you want to check if you have any of the recalled GFCI breakers in your Challenger panel, the affected circuit breakers have a yellow button and the word "test" in raised letters on one side; on the other side, the number 15 or 20 is printed on the handle in white letters between the raised words "ON" and "OFF."


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