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Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks tend to scare many home buyers. Especially first time home buyers. I get it, foundations hold up the house. But the majority of the time, that crack is nothing but a crack. There is a saying about concrete. There are 2 types, concrete that has cracked and concrete that will crack. It is simply what concrete does. Knowing when the crack is an issue is often not very difficult. They are usually larger, present themselves in a specific orientation, and are accompanied by other defects. Sometimes you find cracks that seem "iffy", but normally further investigation will help point to the potential cause of the crack(s) and provide evidence of it's level of severity. A basic explanation of how concrete tends to behave is beneficial to assuage a home buyers' concerns. As always, a big thank you to Ruben for his time and dedication to providing and sharing great content.


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